PocketTraveling values your hard-earned money and hence, we provide you offers on cab facilities, hotel booking, and flight tickets that would cost you a discounted price. Avail the best hiring facility with us, whether it's one-way, return, or outstation, we guarantee you the minimum price possible. You can proceed with us for reserving your tickets at the cheapest price for domestic as well as international flights. Try our services for your leisure, business, and religious trips. Tours like Amarnath Yatra package are also dealt with. Our cheap vacation packages feature cheap flight tickets and outstation cab booking too other than the lodging facilities.


PocketTraveling just acts as an ombudsman that helps you know about the stays in your desired location. We just provide our users with an internet platform to see, pick, and reserve any specific hotel. These hotel options include all types of lodging facilities, such as hotels, home-stays, bed and breakfast stays, farm-houses, and all other possible accommodations. All the required information of interest about the hotel like the kind of hotel, amenities provided, images, etc. are provided to us by the respective hotels. The mentioned pieces are just for reference and any discrepancy that may exist between the site images and the actuality of the hotel/resort shall be sorted by the users themselves by calling at the respective hotel or resort directly. PocketTraveling will not be accountable for any such discrepancies and will not involve itself in the procedure of resolving the same. PocketTraveling will not be liable for the loss/inconvenience due to factors such as natural calamities/road blockage/political issues and the like reasons. PocketTraveling does not have any hidden charges except for the lunch/extra meal and personal expenses. So, if you're asked about any extra charges, intimate us. If any payment is done without our knowledge, we shall have no liability towards the same.


If any user is provided with the resort booking voucher, that would be solely dependent on the information supplied and/or upgraded by the resort concerning the stock availability. Booking will be confirmed only after receiving the advance payment, depending on the availability of the hotels mentioned. PocketTraveling would not be held accountable under any circumstances for any resort to either disallow the user even after having a confirmed reservation, the level of insufficiency in the services or any other agency-related issues in the resort. In the case of refusal of checking-in by any resort to the user(s) due to certain reasons such as overbooking, technical or system mistakes, or even unavailability of chambers, etc. will be limited to the extent of providing a similar alternative lodging at the discretion of PocketTraveling (subject to the availability at that time), or refunding the reservation amount (to the extent compensated) to the user. If the users face any other agency-related issues, those must be immediately solved by them.

The users need to adhere to the policies of the respective hotels as well. A few hotels may deny the check-in of the users with their unmarried or unrelated spouses, so they need to follow the same. If appropriate proof of identification is not presented at the time of check-in, the users can be denied the lodging and PocketTraveling could not turn out to be your savior at that time. Some hotels and resorts don't allow the local residents to check or meet their guests, in that case as well; PocketTraveling is out of the scenario. The check-in of the guests won't be denied by the PocketTraveling based on aforesaid reasons and no refund would apply to the users in case of refusal of check-in by the hotel under the said circumstances. No accommodation, meal or transportation cost will be paid, reimbursed or compensated unless we get the same from the concerned service provider. The same can be refunded after deducting 5% as processing charges.


The users will be wholly and solely responsible for the damages caused by them or their guests willfully or negligently in the premises of the hotels/resorts and they need to make good all the damages; PocketTraveling won't bear any such nuisance in any fashion at all. The intensity and amount of damage will be calculated by the concerned hotel. This must be sorted between both the parties (the user and the hotel) and no intervention of PocketTraveling will be done at that time.
The main guest must be 18 years of age or more at the time of checking-in with a valid identification and address proof. If not presented, the hotel will be at its discretion to disallow the check-in of the user and PocketTraveling would be helpless in this case. The check-in, check-out time, spare time or any modifications in the same will be solely as per the terms and conditions of the hotel.


The amount paid by the user at the time of booking is just to stay in the resort and payment needs to be made for the services availed that are not complimentary. Some hotels offer reservations that include breakfast and all other meal options. The user needs to pay for various other services like, laundry, room service, internet, phone, additional food, beverages, etc, that require additional payment. It's the hotel's discretion to charge a compulsory meal surcharge in festive time such as Christmas, New Year's Eve or any other festival, PocketTraveling can't interrupt in between.


Payment can be made either in Indian Rupees or any overseas currency, as stated at the time of booking. The users can exercise any of the two options, Pre-paid or 'Pay at Hotel', as mentioned by the hotels on the site of PocketTraveling. If the former one is opted for, the entire booking amount is covered by the user at the time of reserving the room itself. Such total booking amount contains the resort booking rate, taxes, and service charges as may be billed on behalf of the true service supplier, and some additional booking fee or benefit fee billed by PocketTraveling. The equilibrium booking amount will be compensated according to the conditions of the bookings. The user is supposed to supply his/her debit or credit card details to PocketTraveling for the security point of view. If the same is found to be wrong, PocketTraveling can cancel the reservation at its discretion without any liability to the user. If the users have any query regarding the charges incurred or the exchange rate implemented, they shall contact their lender or the card company whereby the payment has been made. Certain hotel managers or lodging providers may require the users or the individuals for whom the booking is done, to provide a credit card or cash deposit in order to pay extra expenses which could be incurred during their stay. Just to keep you well informed, this deposit is only at the precept of the hotel/resort that has nothing to do with the payment obtained by PocketTraveling.

If the 'Pay at Hotel' option is exercised, the whole payment will be done at the time of check-in and collected by the resort itself but in this case as well, the user is supposed to provide his credit card or debit card details for security point of view. If such details are found wrong, PocketTraveling can cancel the reservation any time in its discretion.


You need to be at least 18 years of age to transact directly with PocketTraveling and to agree to the processing of your private information.


PocketTraveling reserves all the right to revise the Privacy Policy from time to time in order to match all the possible legal, business and client requirements. The users will be duly notified, if necessary. You are always welcome to submit your concerns regarding this Privacy Policy via email to people in 
privacy@pockettraveling.in. We always try our best to respond to all reasonable concerns and inquiries.