Terms and Conditions

Flight Tickets

The airline tickets that are made available and reserved through the website, are subject to the terms & conditions of the concerned airline, including cancellation as well as refund policies. PocketTraveling solely acts as a moderator for the user to reserve a flight ticket where the contract of service for using the flight sustains between the user and the airline company.

PocketTraveling is nowhere responsible for rescheduling the flight timings and route, changing and/or canceling the flights that are solely done by the airline companies without even intimating PocketTraveling. Therefore, PocketTraveling won't be held liable for any losses, direct or incidental, incurred by the user due to such rescheduling or cancellation. It's totally up to the airline company to decide the baggage allowance on a given fare, wherein PocketTraveling has no role to play. The fares that are shown as 'hand baggage fares' don't include the same for check-in baggage and hence, the user will be required to pay separately for the same. The prices for this extra check-in baggage varies from airline to airline so the user needs to contact the respective company for the same. Moreover, the total price exhibited at the website includes basic fare, government taxes, and convenience fees. Users are supposed to pay the entire amount before confirming their booking. If not followed accordingly, PocketTraveling reserves all the right to cancel the booking. In the case of infants, their age must be under 24 months throughout the entire itinerary to avail of the infant fare. If the kid crosses the aforementioned age on the return journey, the user will be required to make a separate booking using a child fare.

In case, your flight is a codeshare, it will be disclosed to you while booking and before payment only when such code-share arrangements are disclosed to PocketTraveling beforehand. [Code-share agreements are the agreements between airline companies where the airline carrier selling or marketing the flight ticket does not fly its aircraft to that destination but partners with another airline to fly to that destination.] As far as travel documents are concerned, it is the sole responsibility of the user to home all the valid documents such as identity proof, passport, visa (including transit visa), etc. If the user is found to travel without valid documents, PocketTraveling won't be liable in any way. So the user shall confirm the travel requirements with the concerned airline company and adhere to the same.

Generally, check-in begins two hours before departure for domestic flights, and three hours in case of international flights but the user shall check the check-in timings directly with the airlines. In case, the user fails to embark on the onward journey, the entire PNR concerning to that booking shall be canceled by the airline by default. Such a situation is beyond the scope of PocketTraveling. The airline fare rules and cancellation policy deal with the refund procedure. PocketTraveling will proceed further subject to the receipt of the refund from the airlines. The convenience fee paid to PocketTraveling at the time of booking is non-refundable though. The refund will be credited to the same account from which the payment was made and processing time for the same may vary depending on the mode of payment.

Bus Tickets

PocketTraveling is neither an agent nor does it offer any transportation services, it's merely a technology platform or interface that binds the intended travelers and bus operators. All the required details, like seat availability, routes, fares, bus type, schedule, etc. are fetched from the bus operator and PocketTraveling has no control over the same. The issuance of bus tickets by PocketTraveling is wholly based on the information provided by the bus operator. The tickets issued are non-transferable. PocketTraveling just facilitates transactions between the bus operators and the users and is not responsible for any of the operations of the bus operator. Cancellation of the trip, loss or damage of customer's baggage, departure and arrival of the bus, the conduct of the bus operator's employees, bus condition are just to name a few. Hence, users are recommended to call the bus operator for fetching any of the information required. Users are supposed to reach the boarding place at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time and furnish a copy of the ticket with a valid identity proof. If the user carries a child above the age of 5 years, a bus ticket at the regular fare for him needs to be obtained. In case of cancellation of a ticket, the refund will be subjected to the cancellation charges.

Visa services

PocketTraveling just acts as a mediator that facilitates visa processing and is not responsible for rejecting or issuing Visa to anyone. The said job is done by the concerned embassy itself. The user himself is supposed to understand the Visa requirements and services offered by PocketTraveling are nowhere construed as advisory services. PocketTraveling provides the requirements for making a visa application solely based on the information provided by the respective embassy. Hence, the role of PocketTraveling is limited to intimating the user regarding the documentary requirements for applying for a visa of any country and submitting the same appropriately. The user shall approach PocketTraveling for the application of Visa timely to secure Visa before the date of departure.

The approval and rejection of Visa will solely be at the discretion of the respective embassy and PocketTraveling has no role in the processing. When passports were submitted for Visa applications, PocketTraveling will take all the necessary steps to ensure its secured delivery to the user but PocketTraveling won't be liable for the loss beyond its scope. The user is required to furnish correct and necessary information to PocketTraveling for Visa application. After involving PocketTraveling in the process of Visa application, User authorizes PocketTraveling to apply along with visa fees and other respective charges on his/ her behalf to the concerned embassy. Once PocketTraveling returns passport and all the documents of a User to him/her, it is their responsibility to verify that all required visas have been obtained and details mentioned therein are correct and match to their travel itinerary. For rendering the services of applying on the User's behalf to the concerned embassy, PocketTraveling charges the user service fees which are in addition to the visa fees, embassy charges and the like amount. This is a prepaid and non-refundable amount, hence, PocketTraveling is not liable to refund the said amount for any reason whatsoever, even if the user eventually decides not to submit the visa application. Any other cost incurred by PocketTraveling in respect to the Visa application shall be separately payable by the user to PocketTraveling.

Holiday Packages

PocketTraveling organizes various holiday packages, domestic as well as international tours but does not control or operate any restaurant, hotel, transport vehicles, coach, shipping company, or airline company. Hence, it will not be responsible for any delay in or improper service provided by the service provider or for any injury, death, loss or damage which is caused by any hotel, airlines, shipping companies, etc. who are our independent contractors. Similarly, PocketTraveling shall also not be responsible for the act of co-passengers which may result in injury, loss or damage of life and/or property of the user or interruption in their enjoyment. PocketTraveling is just a facilitator and is not accountable for the following-

# Any act, omission, default of any travel agent or third party or any other person who may be engaged in the services of providing accommodation, refreshment, carriage facility or any other service to the user or any person traveling with him /her.
# Injury, sickness, accident, death, loss and/or damage or any kind of theft howsoever caused to the user or any person traveling with them.
# Any delay made by the concerned service providers in the delivery of the service.
# Any claims raised due to any dispute with the tour manager.
# Failure on the part of the airline to accommodate passengers despite having confirmed tickets for any reason whatsoever.
# Any damages, other than the aforementioned, caused to the User due to reasons beyond the control of PocketTraveling.

PocketTraveling shall not be liable in any case, for any claims arising due to the tour the amount of which exceeds the entire booking amount paid by the user. Moreover, if there is any chance of dishonoring the confirmed booking due to the circumstances that are beyond the control of PocketTraveling, it won't be liable for the reimbursement to users. If PocketTraveling is informed in advance that such a situation may arise, it will try its best to provide the alternative services to its users or refund the booking amount subject to the service charges (if received by the respective service operator.

The information provided in the Brochure is based on the information available at the time of publication. PocketTraveling reserves all the right to change any information featured in the Brochure before or after booking the tour due to any event(s) beyond the control of PocketTraveling. In case, PocketTraveling becomes aware of any changes before or after any tour, its tour manager or local representative will take all the necessary steps to inform the user. The prices quoted in the brochure are calculated at the time of its printing and PocketTraveling reserves the right to amend the prices due to any reason, say, currency fluctuation, hike in the rail/airline charges, fuel cost, any special charges levied by the supplier, etc. PocketTraveling shall not entertain any claim of the user against such changes in the brochure that are due to the reasons beyond the control of PocketTraveling.

The menus of the meals are pre-decided for the tours and their categories are explicitly mentioned in the brochure. PocketTraveling reserves the right to amend the menu if required, but it won't entertain any such special request done by the user. No reimbursement will be made to the user for any unutilized or missed meal (missed in case of breakfast, as it's provided within a fixed time). If any special meal is ordered by the user, he/she shall bear the additional charges. PocketTraveling is not entitled to reimburse the same.

All the required steps have been taken by PocketTraveling while selecting the hotels the details of which will be rendered to the user in advance. However, PocketTraveling reserves the right to change hotels before booking due to any reason beyond its control. After the booking is confirmed, no request for a change in the hotel will be entertained. If the user wishes to do so, he/she shall agree to bear the charges incurred in the same and shall not claim it from PocketTraveling. PocketTraveling provides a proposed itinerary to the user before booking, which is subject to changes, but the hotel booking details after payment of the entire booking amount shall be final. PocketTraveling reserves the right to amend or substitute a hotel of a similar category if required. A point to be noted is that tipping is customary in all parts of the world for services rendered. This is, however, solely at the discretion of the User.

For tour arrangements like a carnival, star cruise, etc., the terms and conditions mentioned by such entities shall also be applicable and it would be the user’s responsibility to reach the place of commencement of the tour at the appointed place, date, and time. PocketTraveling cannot be held liable for any hazard to the health while availing any activity. PocketTraveling has the right to amend any tour after it has been booked, the user shall have the option either to continue or to accept any other tour offered by PocketTraveling. PocketTraveling is merely a facilitator and if there is any service that remained undelivered by the service provider for which the User is entitled to a refund that would be subject to PocketTraveling receiving the said amount from the respective service provider.

The user may be asked to pay a non-refundable the interest-free amount at the time of booking the tour. Payment shall be made either in INR or any other foreign currency (online/cheque/DD) as per the payment schedule provided at the time of booking. If any cheque is dishonored, PocketTraveling can cancel the entire booking without informing the user without any liability. The prevailing day's rate of exchange will be used to compute the total cost in case of an international tour. A copy of PAN Card is required when payments amounting to Rs.25,000/- or above are made by cash.

If travel agents do the booking and sign the booking form on behalf of users, it would be assumed that the users have duly authorized the said travel agents to sign on their behalf. PocketTraveling possesses the right to let the user not avail of the tour services subject to his behavior with others.